Council Members

City Council Members are responsible for the administration of the City. It provides for such departments and employees as it deems appropriate and designates the powers and duties of its officers and employees consistent with state statutes and the City’s Home Rule Charter. The City Council adopts such personnel and administrative regulations as it deems necessary and appropriate. All officers and employees of the City are responsible to the final authority of the City Council. Council Members shall be elected for four year terms.

Greg Nelson, Mayor

Greg headshot

Greg Nelson was elected Mayor in November 2019. Greg has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Florida. He worked for utilities and energy holding companies for 32 years, starting off as an engineer and later serving in a variety of leadership roles, before retiring and moving to Ouray in 2014. Since moving to Ouray, Greg worked for Ouray County for almost three years, serving as a Deputy Clerk & Recorder, before retiring again in 2017. 

Term: Dec, 2019 - Dec 2021

Glenn Boyd, Council Member


Glenn Boyd was elected as Council Member for the City of Ouray in 2013.  

Glenn has been a citizen of Ouray since 1993 and is a graduate of Ouray High School Class of 1998. He is also the Emergency Manager for Ouray County. He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. He has served on several boards and committees including the City’s Community Master Plan Committee, the Ouray Planning Commission Liaison, the Parks and Rec. Committee Liaison, the Community Economic Development Committee Liaison, West Region Emergency Manager’s Group Chair, West Region EMS Trauma Council, Chair of the Local Emergency Planning Commission, and Chair of the Ouray County Multi-Agency Coordination Group.  

Glenn is the Council liaison on the Planning Commission and Community Development Committee.

970 318-0854
Term: Dec, 2017 - Dec, 2021
Mayor Pro-Tem Term ended in December 2019

Ethan Funk, Council Member 

Ethan - Council Headshot - Copy

Ethan was appointed to fill a vacancy on the City Council in 2019. He moved to Ouray in 2002 from the East Coast, shortly after returning to Boston from what would be his final winter visit to Ouray. Six months, and one cross country moving truck drive later, he was here. The next year, he was joined in Ouray by his brother, and they started a technical consulting company that designs wireless electronics. A few years after that, the brothers purchased a silent commercial FM radio station in Telluride, which they now operate from
a studio in Ouray.
Term: Sept, 2019 - Dec, 2021

K. John Wood, Mayor Pro Tem

John Wood

Mayor Pro Tem is responsible for performing all the duties of a Mayor when the Mayor is absent or recused.

John, his wife Marcy, and their three children moved to Ouray in 2014 and all the children have attended Ouray School since the move. He and his wife have owned and developed their commercial real estate business since 1999 and John built and owns K J Wood Distillers at 929 Main St., in Ouray, producing whiskey, gin and vodka. John has a degree in Political Science and Geology. He has worked in Insurance, Marketing, Commercial Real Estate, IT, and also as a middle school teacher. John will have office hours at his work location (929 Main St) Monday-Thursday from 1pm-4pm.

Term: Dec 2019 - Dec 2023
Mayor Pro-Tem Term began in December 2019

Peggy Lindsey, Council member

Peg Lindsey

Peggy Lindsey was born and raised right here on the western slope of Colorado. She started working in Ouray at Cecilia's restaurant in 1987 where she met the locals and served the needs of the patrons. Peggy learned massage and bodywork in 1997 and started working at Healing Touch Therapies at the hot springs pool. After seven years of service to her clientele she went to real estate school. John Lesnefsky Real Estate was her next employer which converted to her owning the company that is now called Ouray Real Estate Corporation.   

Peggy feels like the City of Ouray is one of the most understated municipalities in Colorado. With all the four wheel drive roads, wildflowers, water falls, hot springs, good restaurants, shopping and all around friendly people, Ouray is one of the best places to live in the US. She feels it a privilege to serve the citizens of this unique town. She appreciates the opportunity to do so. Peggy has an office at 635 Main Street if anyone would like to express their feelings about the City of Ouray. 

Term: Dec 2019 - Dec 2023